The Most Innovative Team in Eligibility is Expanding. Now Open to Physical Therapy Partners
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Stay A Step Ahead Of Patient Coverage With Nirvana’s Technology

Streamline your benefit verification process from intake to continuous care with Nirvana’s solutions.
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An eligibility management platform that revolutionizes your benefits verification process

Use Nirvana for


Simplify and speed up your patient intake flow with accurate eligibility information
Locate patient policies automatically with cardless verification
Get 94% accurate cost estimates
Perfect your data
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Use Nirvana for

Continuous Coverage Monitoring

Real-time updates on eligibility and cost throughout the patient journey
Get real-time alerts on eligibility
Prioritize your team's workflows
Reduce claim denials
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Now Delivering Smarter Data and Faster Workflows to Physical Therapy Providers

Good benefit verification is preventative care for your Physical Therapy practice. Enable upfront collections, improve DSO and boost billing team efficiency with Nirvana.
Generalized solutions just don’t cut it. After years of building & training the most accurate eligibility model in behavioral health, Nirvana understands the importance of industry specific solutions.

Challenges of Physical Therapy Verification

Generalized solutions for eligibility still needs to manually review 50-70% of appointments due to unreliable results
Practices are unable to scale efficiently due to time-consuming nature of manual verification
Incorrect cost estimates cause negative patient experiences
High denial and rejection rates due to error-prone manual process lead to lost revenue
Nirvana Delivers Results
Fewer denials
Streamlined billing process
Increased new patient conversion
Improved DSO
The most innovative team in eligibility management is expanding. Still serving Mental and Behavioral Heath, now open to Physical Therapy
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Problems Nirvana Solves
Benefit Verification Problems Nirvana Eliminates
Broken intake process
Coverage Problem
Broken intake process
Slow, manual, and time-consuming verification and intake process
Low conversions - 60% of patients don’t book a service without an upfront cost estimate
Incorrect policy information at patient intake causing claim denials
Nirvana Solution
Insurance policy discovery
Patient policies located and verified automatically at time of intake
Instantaneous checks with 96% accurate cost estimates
Correct policy information retrieved despite incorrect data input
Problems Nirvana Solves
Benefit Verification Problems Nirvana Eliminates
Out of date coverage information
Coverage Problem
Out of date coverage information
Patient cost share changes (deductibles or out of pocket maximums met)
Patients unaware of coverage changes
Expired or updated policies
Nirvana Solution
Continuous coverage monitoring
Real-time updates and alerts on eligibility and costs 
Up to date cost transparency
Claim denials reduced
Problems Nirvana Solves
Benefit Verification Problems Nirvana Eliminates
Incorrect patient data
Coverage Problem
Incorrect patient data
Inaccurate and invalid patient data inputted at intake
Reliable patient plan information
Incorrect cost estimates
Nirvana Solution
Data cleanup and recovery
Mismatched and incorrect patient data flagging
A single source of truth for patient plan and demographic information
Claim denials reduced
How Nirvana Connects To Your Workflow

3 Ways Nirvana Streamlines Your Benefit Verification Process 

Nirvana API Integration
Integrate our 94% accurate, consistent, and tailored coverage guidelines directly into your tech stack.
Nirvana RTC (Real-Time Check)
Check patient coverage across multiple carriers with the option for bulk checks at the click of a button when verification is needed now.
Nirvana Custom Solutions
Centralized coverage checks built for your practice and tailored to your technical needs with white-glove service.
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Geode Health

Up-front cost estimates, automated benefit verification, and simplified access for Geode patients with Nirvana’s AI-powered benefit verification technology.
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