Mental Health Billing Made Simple

We offer instant insurance verification, automated claims filing, and insurance reimbursement tracking so you can grow your practice.

Why choose Nirvana?

Say YesTo More Clients

3 of 4 patients want to use their mental health insurance. Nirvana removes the hassles of out-of-network insurance reimbursement.

Understand the Value of Insurance

Insurance is a black box. Our benefits calculator clearly shows the value out-of-network insurance will provide for you, and your clients.

Get Clients Paid Back Faster

Electronic claims get paid 70% faster. On average, Nirvana claims are adjudicated within 3 days.

Instant Insurance Eligibility Checks

Our eligibility calculator checks your clients’ out-of-network insurance coverage for therapy, and instantly verifies what their insurance will reimburse.

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Nirvana integrates with leading health insurance companies, including:

✓ Mental Health Billing with Nirvana

Clients are reimbursed for services in 90 days or less

Know whether filed claims are covered in <48 hours

Billing issues are automatically tracked and addressed

Save clients 30% of upfront costs

Helpful support to assist with your out-of-network claims process

✘ Mental Health Billing without Nirvana

Lengthy waits for payment

Confusion around what the insurance company will cover

Runaround addressing rejected out of network claims

Tons of time on the phone with medical insurance companies

Frustrating service trying to solve billing issues

The results

✓ Clients save up to 30% of upfront costs per session

✓ Therapists get paid 2x faster while saving admin hours

✓ Talk about what matters, not bills or insurance

Our Vision:

Expanding Access to Care

We started Nirvana to make mental health billing simpler, and expand access to care. We automate mental health insurance eligibility checks, claims filings, and out-of-network insurance reimbursement tracking to save you (and clients) time.

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