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Instant Mental Health Insurance
Coverage Checks

Nirvana saves you time with self-service tools and APIs that automate insurance verification and out-of-network claims filing.

Why choose Nirvana?

Say YesTo More Clients

3 of 4 patients want to use their insurance for therapy. Nirvana removes the hassle of checking out-of-network insurance benefits.

Understand the Value of Insurance

Out-of-network insurance is a black box. Our reimbursement calculator estimates clients' out-of-network benefits, based on your rates.

Get Clients Paid Back Faster

Electronic claims get paid 70% faster. On average, Nirvana-filed claims are adjudicated in ~3 days. Book a demo to learn more. 

Out-of-Network Benefit Checks. Instantly.

Our reimbursement calculator checks your clients’ out-of-network benefits for therapy, and instantly verifies what their insurance will reimburse.

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Nirvana leverages Data from leading health insurance companies, including:

✓ Claims filing with Nirvana

Clients are reimbursed for services in <90 days

Know whether filed claims are covered in <36 hours

Billing issues are automatically tracked

Save clients ~30% of upfront session costs

Helpful assistance with your out-of-network claims

✘ Claims filing now

Uncertainty around out-of-network reimbursement

Confusion around what insurance will cover

Runaround addressing rejected claims

Tons of time on the phone with insurance companies

Frustrating service trying to solve billing issues

The results

✓ Clients are reimbursed on average 30% of session costs

✓ You save admin hours and clients get reimbursed 2x faster

✓ Use sessions for care, not discussing bills or insurance

Our Vision:

Expanding Access to Care

We started Nirvana to make mental health billing simpler, and expand access to care. We automate mental health insurance eligibility checks, out-of-network claims filings, and insurance reimbursement tracking to save you (and your clients) time.

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