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Making Mental Healthcare Affordable Is Personal to Our Team

November 3, 2021


Meet Nirvana Health Product Manager Trevor Noon.

Trevor Noon grew up in a small farm town outside of Buffalo, New York. The first person in his family to go to college, he feels doubly fortunate that he went to Harvard. His diverse background in statistics and astrophysics led him down a career path in data science and then finance. However, after working in the financial industry for two years Trevor was looking for something different. He wanted a job with a mission that would allow him to have a broader positive impact on society. That’s when he found Nirvana Health. 

Nirvana Health’s mission is to make mental healthcare accessible and affordable to all. Part of how we do this is by offering concierge insurance services that streamline insurance claim filing for patients. Nirvana Health automatically files patients’ claims after every session to ensure that patients get the most out of their insurance and that payments are made quickly and easily.

“Nirvana’s mission of making mental healthcare more affordable really spoke to me,” says Trevor. “I’ve had a personal relationship with mental healthcare since middle school and I grew up in a cost sensitive environment where it wasn't feasible to put thousands of dollars towards mental healthcare. With Nirvana, I’m helping to make a product that takes something that is super complex—insurance—and transforms it into something so simple that anyone, whether they’re ten years old or a hundred, can use, to access care affordably.” 

At Nirvana Health, Trevor works as a product manager, helping to shape the roadmap of Nirvana Health’s growth and then working directly to bring new tools to life for both patients and therapists alike. His flexible position allows him to work collaboratively with the operations and engineering teams to identify what needs to be built and set timelines for development while also giving him the freedom to work independently to solve technical issues as they arise. 

“What I love about my job is that there are hundreds of people that we are directly impacting every day. Instead of making frustrating insurance calls, they are talking to us. I can see how the work that I am doing makes a difference. Every call is a real person who is benefiting from our service. That could be my mom who’s tapping a button and getting the help she needs and that makes me feel great.”  

Nirvana Health is proud that Trevor Noon is one of the many dedicated members of our team who work every day to help Nirvana Health create a world where all people can seek care regardless of how much they have in their wallet.