Nirvana For Enterprise

We offer the most accurate eligibility check for in-network, out-of-network, and complex employer plans in mental health.

Plug seamlessly into our proprietary Coverage API, while maintaining control of your provider and client experiences.



Coverage API

Nirvana offers instant eligibility and benefit check solutions via our Coverage API for in-network, out-of-network, and complex employer plans. We enable behavioral healthcare organizations to create efficient workflows on top of instant eligibility checks. Nirvana’s solutions are tailored to behavioral healthcare plans to ensure that patient responsibilities and coverage status are up-to-date so providers stay ahead of potential claim issues downstream.

Embed our instant eligibility check into your workflow. We’ll tell you if a client has benefits, how much to charge, and how much the insurer owes. Our Coverage API power everything from iOS apps to custom financial reporting systems, so you can monitor insurance revenue on your terms. 

Why our Coverage API?

Accurate and instant eligibility checks ensures that mental healthcare providers can be adequately reimbursed for the services rendered to their patients and:
1) minimize claims denials
2) improve patient and insurance collections
3) streamline patient sign-up flows via faster checks

Get ahead of denials 

We understand the nuances of behavioral healthcare billing. From custom insurance routing rules to complex benefit structures, we focus exclusively on behavioral health billing so that your team isn't stuck tracking denials and outstanding insurance revenue.

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