Build custom workflows on top of our billing engine while you control your provider and client experience

Our APIs and enterprise offerings can power everything from iOS apps to custom financial reporting systems.

Plug seamlessly into our proprietary billing engine to supercharge your finance teams so they can monitor insurance revenue.

Unify your insurance finances to get ahead of denials

We understand the nuances of behavioral healthcare billing. From custom insurance routing rules to complex benefit structures, we focus exclusively on behavioral health billing so that your team isn't stuck tracking denials and outstanding insurance revenue.
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Our APIs

Real time eligibility information for your clients by using our calculator for an immediate breakdown of their medical insurance benefits information.

You'll learn how close they are to meeting their deductible and how much we estimate their insurance will reimburse per session. 

Seamlessly monitor the lifecycle of claims, tracking everything from: prior to submission, processing, to adjudication for all enrolled clients. 

Your practice's Mission control: discover insights to improve the financial health of your practice and better understand items requiring your attention. 

Filter between client, session, and date range to get an in-depth understanding of reimbursement amounts for your clients.

In addition to our fully stocked resources and support materials available inside your portal, our highly trained HelpDesk is here around the clock for you and your clients. Reach out anytime for further assistance or additional information.