We go beyond the traditional coverage check

Insurance coverage solutions optimized for your specialty and scale

See how we do it

Empower your intake

We drive the smartest patient intake flows and increase your conversion with accurate, real-time eligibility and cost estimates.

Guide your RCM

Continuously monitor your patient base, proactively alert on critical changes in status and correct demographic inaccuracies that drive denials.

Leverage our data

Benefit from the business logic and machine learning models we’ve developed across thousands of plans and millions of checks.


And now, we're going beyond mental health

We started Nirvana to bring clarity and precision to the mental health eligibility landscape - we believe that the nuanced aspects of mental health coverage needed a dedicated solution, rather than technology that was built for general healthcare.

We are ready to bring the same vision of specialized solutions to new arenas, one at a time. If you’d like to explore our early stage solutions in nutritional health, physical therapy, or another under-served specialty we’d love to partner with you.

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