Laura Derubeis-Byrne


Hello! My name is Dr. Laura DeRubeis-Byrne, and I am a psychologist based out of New York City. I’ve been in practice for 8 years, and am an alumni of Adelphi University’s Derner School of Psychology. Currently, I offer both in-person and virtual therapy.

Humans are creatures of connection. When we experience multiple events throughout our lifetime in which we do not feel safe to share our truth with others, we often close ourselves off from love and connection. What would happen if you were able to feel seen and heard? What would you say if you were given safe space to share your truth at this moment in time? How would your life change if you were emotionally available to hear others around you and allow them into your life? The therapeutic intention is to support you, starting where you are, in integrating an embodied life to step into a more holistic authentic version of yourself.

I specialize in working with individuals, groups, and families dealing with trauma and PTSD, grief, and life transitions. I am also qualified help teens, adults, and elders (65+) with ADHD, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality, codependency, coping skills, depression, divorce, family conflict, Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD), parenting, self esteem, self-harming, spirituality, stress, and suicidal ideation.

I’m trained to work with people diagnosed with dissociative disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, and elderly persons disorders. As well as, members of the LGBTQ+ community, the visually impaired, cancer patients, deaf individuals, those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, people with immune-disorders, those in open/non-monogamous relationships, and single mothers.

A few therapies I utilize in my practice include: Acceptance and Commitment (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Compassion Focused, Dialectical (DBT), Mindfulness-Based (MBCT), and Motivational Interviewing.

If you are interested in working together please email me or call me at (917)765-1804 to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit. Therapy is $275 for 50-minute sessions.

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Want to quickly estimate how much you can expect to pay for a visit?
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Life Transitions
Mood Disorders

Client Focus


Types of therapy & issues

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
Mindfullness-Based (MBCT)
Behavioral Issues
Coping Skills
Family Conflict
Eating Disorders
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Emotion Dysregulation
Sexual Abuse
Men's Issues
Peer Relationships
Relationship Issues
Self Esteem
Emotional Disturbance
Marital & Premarital
School Issues
Sex Therapy
Sports Performance
Women's Issues
Cognitive Processing (CPT)
Compassion Focused
Culturally Sensitive
Dialectical (DBT)


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