Principles of Ethics


Nirvana Health was founded under the mission to make mental healthcare more accessible and affordable to all. Our commitment to this mission is governed under the responsibility to conduct ourselves under a set of moral and ethical guidelines. We recognize how we choose to conduct our business and how we treat others is a responsibility we must approach with intention at every level--both personally and as a company. Herein lies the principles with which Nirvana Health will use to guide the choices we make and practices in which we engage. Our core principles of ethics compose our identity and constitute our commitment to integrity and ethical conduct as individuals and as a whole.

Principle I



Nirvana Health partners and employees shall provide accurate information to the public and our members at all times. Accuracy and totality of the truth will be communicated at all levels pertaining to the services we provide, new developments, and the manner in which operations are conducted.


Principle II



Nirvana Health partners and employees shall ensure our services are made accessible and available to all persons. Behavior and decisions shall respect our beliefs and values of transparency, honesty, and beneficence. We shall at all times act with integrity and maintain harmonious relationships with colleagues, partners, and beneficiaries of our services.


Principle III



Nirvana Health partners and employees shall uphold the honor and dignity of the industry in which we operate. We will uphold the highest standards of data integrity, privacy, and protection. We shall adhere to all legal and Ethical rules that affect our ability to render services in a reliable and trustworthy manner. We will remain transparent about our ability to do so to our internal and external stakeholders, holding ourselves accountable to these standards at all times.


Principle IV



Nirvana Health partners and employees shall act faithfully and with responsibility pertaining to the field, continuing education and development within our industry, and commit ourselves to retain competence and knowledge of our practice while promoting the standards and ideals therein.


Principle V



Nirvana Health partners and employees shall act at all times in the best interest of others and avoid harm to any people utilizing or affected by their services. Decisions made shall reflect the best interests of contributors and recipients of services rendered both legally and ethically.