Instant Reimbursement Checks for Your Clients

The No Surprises Act reflects a push for greater price transparency in medical billing. Here’s how Nirvana can help.

How can I provide my clients with a clear breakdown of what their insurance will cover?

Nirvana provides the Peace of Mind Calculator to its therapists and their clients. The Peace of Mind Calculator offers instant access to any out-of-network benefits that will cover a portion of a client's therapy cost, no calls required.
Our Peace of Mind calculator is free. Take it for a test drive below!


Great! My client has benefits. What do I do now?

If you’re a Nirvana Concierge therapist, that’s it! We take care of submitting claims automatically and following up on denials to make sure reimbursements are issued. 

If you’re not, you can send your clients a superbill, after each session for them to submit. Mailing superbills can be a taxing process, so we encourage you to direct them to their insurer for additional support. 

Interested in providing a seamless claims experience for your clients? Reach out to us below or start a risk-free 2 week trial of the Nirvana Concierge platform.

How can I offer the Peace of Mind Calculator to my clients and how much does it cost?

Our Peace of Mind calculator is free. Nirvana is committed to ensuring that all clinicians and clients know exactly how much the cost of therapy might be. Not knowing can be a frustrating experience on both sides. 

There’s two ways to offer this calculator to your clients

  1. Directly send your prospective and existing clients this link:
  2. Embed our site into your practice homepage so visitors on your site can check for themselves. Click here for instructions.

If you’re interested in customizing the calculator to only show you as a therapist, we can help you with that by requesting a free customization. Contact us here.

How do I explain the Calculator to my clients?

Not a problem. Here is some standard copy you can try for your clients which other therapists of ours have used in the past. 

“While we are not in-network with any insurance providers, we understand that our clients may still wish to use their out-of-network benefits for reimbursement. Many clients have out-of-network benefits, but may not understand how to use them.
We’ve partnered with Nirvana, a company that advocates on behalf of therapy seekers, to provide transparency into your out-of-network benefits so that you have greater insight into what reimbursement is possible with your plan.
Use our Peace of Mind Calculator to estimate how much you can expect to pay for out-of-network therapy. If you don’t have a specific therapist in mind, enter the name of any therapist from our practice.”
Why is price transparency important for my practice?

Insurance is complex and confusing, especially when benefits are out of network. It takes time you may not have to obtain benefit details -- and even with sliding scale rates, a client's financial obligation may change depending on their benefits.

In addition, research shows that across all industries, transparent pricing makes people more likely to try a service.

Don't let financial uncertainty get in the way of your clients' ability to seek mental health care.

How does the No Surprises Act apply to my practice?

The No Surprises Act was passed to protect clients from unexpected medical bills. It includes a provision that requires a Good Faith Estimate of your total billing amount for new and existing clients. While HHS has deferred enforcement for insured clients, Good Faith Estimates are now required for uninsured and self-pay clients. For more information, read our FAQs.

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