For the duration of the crisis, Nirvana Health will be offering its billing & support services for free. Read more here.

A seamless practice experience for you and your clients, digitally or in-person.


Let us help you focus on providing care.


Your virtual practice. Made easy for you and your clients.

Your billing and finances made simple

Forget about the hassle of bills and insurance. We work with therapists in- and out-of-network to manage their finances.

Let us help you focus on providing care.

Session Rate Benchmarks

Compare your session rates to other nearby mental health therapists

*free version restricted to NYC area



Concierge service to handle all of your client billing concerns.


 Understand your client's benefits before they walk in the door.


Identify cost-savings wherever possible for your practice.

Client reimbursement check

Check your client's out-of-pocket costs, tailored to their specific benefits.

*free version restricted to NYC providers with limited benefit details.

Payment plans so clients are instantly reimbursed

Clients shouldn’t wait for checks in the mail. We provide clients with Instant Reimbursement for sessions at the maximum amount.

Let us help your clients focus on receiving care.

Whether you provide care in an office or from a private space in your home, we ensure a flexible continuum of care and management of your finances.

Let us support you and your client's flexibility.


Easy transition across your physical and digital office.

Why do we do it?

We have been through the process ourselves: checking eligibility, mailing claims, trying to estimate how much care will cost.

We want to make sure accessing mental healthcare is easy and stress-free.

Our team of experts comes from

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