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Save clients 30% of upfront costs

Maximize your medical insurance benefits

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Get real time coverage eligibility information by using our calculator for an immediate breakdown of your benefits.

You'll learn how close you are to meeting your deductible, and even how much we estimate your insurance will reimburse per session.

Seamlessly monitor the lifecycle of your claims with the ability to track submission, processing, and adjudication.

Filter between sessions and date ranges to get an in-depth understanding of reimbursement amounts for your sessions.

In addition to our fully stocked resources and support materials available inside your portal, our highly trained HelpDesk is here around the clock for you and your therapist.

Reach out anytime for further assistance or additional information. 

Spend time talking to your therapist, not your insurance company.

Navigating mental health billing and your health insurance plan shouldn’t feel like wandering in the dark.

From eligibility to reimbursement, Nirvana makes the insurance process seamless for you and your therapist, so you can save time, headaches, and get paid faster.

Transparent eligibility
Dedicated insurance support
Trusted industry experts
Fast, one-time registration

Finally get consistent mental health coverage. Yes, even with your favorite therapist.

Instead of spending hours on the phone with insurance trying to figure out what you’re covered for, get a clear understanding of your coverage as soon as you sign up.

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