Customer Support Associate (part-time)

Nirvana is seeking a compassionate, part-time Customer Support associate that will help our customers have the best experience possible on our platform on a daily basis. You will play a critical role in helping to process coverage requests in a timely manner.

This part-time position is a great opportunity for anyone interested in mental health, medical billing, or getting more experience with an AI-focused tech company. We have a passion for our product, our customers, and getting the details right. We are looking for people who feel the same way. The ideal candidate is someone interested in healthcare and is detail-oriented, self-motivated, and communicative.  Previous knowledge of medical billing and/or insurance providers is welcomed, but not required.


  • Excellent communication skills, an eye for detail, efficiency, and ability to work independently.
  • Ability to use detailed processes to work within a web-based database.
  • Stay familiar with our site and its offerings to best serve user questions.
  • Availability up to 25 hours per week to start.
  • Experience working remotely via the web is a plus.

What you bring to the table

  • A reliable Internet connection and a quiet environment to work in.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, high-volume environment. We get a lot of inquiries and we work through them quickly; our reps are energized, not discouraged, by the pace.  
  • Fantastic written and verbal communication skills and superb interpersonal skills.
  • Experience working with a team to analyze issues, learn from them, and create short-term solutions and long-term improvements.


A little bit about Nirvana

The Nirvana Customer Success team takes empathy to the next level. We’re a small but mighty team of brand ambassadors who are the first line of defense for the company, interacting with customers, analyzing feedback, and working with tech teams to ensure new features match real-world needs. You’ll spend your days providing the kind of personalized responses that make customers feel like they’re talking to a real live human being—because, well, they are!

Nirvana is an innovative, diverse tech startup based in New York, on a mission to help everyone access consistent mental health care. To do so, we brought together a team across healthcare, fintech, and data science to apply innovations we saw in other industries to mental healthcare. Our products are used by mental health therapists for streamlining payments and the annoying paperwork that hinders healthcare so much today.

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