Instant Reimbursement Checks for Your Clients

The No Surprises Act reflects a push for greater price transparency in medical billing. Here’s how Nirvana can help.

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To add the Peace of Mind Calculator to your practice website, copy and paste the following iframe into your site’s HTML code:
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Note: For your session charge, please supply your standard charge for a 45 minute, 90834 session, in cents. For example, a $200.00 session charge would be entered as 20000. For the NPI section, supply your individual NPI.

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While we are not in-network with any insurance providers, we understand that our clients may still wish to use their out-of-network benefits for reimbursement. Many clients have out-of-network benefits, but may not understand how to use them.

We’ve partnered with Nirvana Health, a company that advocates on behalf of therapy seekers, to provide transparency into your out-of-network benefits so that you have greater insight into what reimbursement is possible with your plan.

Use our Peace of Mind Calculator to estimate how much you can expect to pay for out-of-network therapy. If you don’t have a specific therapist in mind, enter the name of any therapist from our practice.