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Enter your name or NPI, and your session rate
Unlike insurance companies who give vague answers about a % of coverage, we offer a clear dollar amount that your client is expected to be reimbursed, based on your session rate. 
Add the calculator to your website
We will provide you a personalized link and embedded code that you can add to your site, so clients can estimate instantly what to expect from their insurance.
Simple pricing. Cancel anytime.
Simple pricing, big vision: we want to save you time, and make insurance reimbursement easier for your clients to understand, so they stick with therapy. The calculator costs just $10 per month for solo therapists, and $20 per month for groups. Have 40+ therapists in your practice? Contact us for a group rate.
Say farewell to long calls, say hello to:

Instant insurance reimbursement estimates.

Let clients instantly estimate their out-of-network benefits.
Pricing is just $10 for solo therapists and $20 for groups.
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"Nirvana is a better alternative"

There is nothing else like the calculator... I looked at Reimbursify, but Nirvana is a better alternative. Others give info from the insurance plan like 80% covered, but what does that mean? Will they support the full rate, etc.? ... [Nirvana] gives an approximation based on your [therapist] rate."

Sonya, LCSW

​​Why choose Nirvana?

Reimbursement clarity for clients
3 of 4 clients want to use their insurance, but are confused about benefits. Without leaving your site, clients can see their estimated reimbursement, in clear dollar format. 

Plus, we use your session rate too, not a generic rate number, so clients can see the most accurate estimate possible.
Verify benefits without the hassle
We know that calling insurance companies, and even emailing them, can take too long and be a headache -- for your clients, or for your team. Make calls and emails obsolete.

Add our calculator to your site, and let clients know what they can expect from their out-of-network benefits, in seconds. No calling & waiting required. 
Affordable for your practice 
We know in today's market, every cent matters. That's why we priced our calculator simply, and affordably. Solo therapists can embed the calculator to their site for just $10 per month, and for group practices, it's just $20 per month.

Give clients an estimate of what reimbursement to expect from their insurance, all within your website. In seconds.

Have more than 40 therapists in your practice? Contact us for a group rate.

"Focus more on the clinical part"

Nirvana has helped me and the therapists in my practice to focus more on the clinical part of our work and less on the mental health billing and insurance part.

Ariella, PH.D.

Nirvana was founded to expand access to care. Our out-of-network reimbursement calculator gives clients transparency around the cost of therapy, making it easier to financially plan for. 

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